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Hail Damage to roofs is difficult to see from the ground and often goes unnoticed until further structural damage is seen, such as interior leaks. All of Johnson Roofing’s representatives are trained to inspect a home for hail damage to the roof and other items like gutters/downspouts, windows, siding, fence, etc. Countless times our representatives find damages that are missed by both homeowners and insurance adjusters.

Signs of hail damage

Shingles are designed so that the granules block the UV of the sun and protect the asphalt underlayment. The first signs a homeowner can look for when looking at damages is an abnoral amount of granulation loss around valley pour areas, downspout locations, and in gutters. Although some granulation loss is normal on roofs, hail causes this problem to accelerate. Hail, in most instances, does not cause roofs to leak immediately (unless it is golf ball size or bigger). Instead hail causes your roof to age at an accelerated rate. Hail also voids most manufacturers shingle warranties, leaving homeowners vulnerable to future financial losses.

What do I do after a Hail Storm?

Since hail damage is very difficult to gauge from the ground, we recommend to contact Johnson Roofing & General Contracting, Inc., to come out and inspect your home after a hail storm. We offer this service to homeowners free any time. Your roof might be eligible for upgrades.

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